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A Tribute to Brett

Along the mid-coast of California, within Point Lobos State Reserve near Carmel, is Weston Beach-- so named after the photographer Edward Weston, who made famous this small stretch of beach comprised of tide pools, rock formations, and a pounding surf.

Ironically, it was Edward's son Brett, who in 1929 discovered and introduced his father to this beach area of Point Lobos, then known as Pebbly Beach. Prior to that, Edward had been concentrating his efforts on photographing the North Shore area of Point Lobos. He made the last image of his career at Pebbly Beach in 1948, and shortly after his death, the beach was renamed Weston Beach by the state park service.

It was with Brett, in 1954, that I made my first visit as a photographer to this magical place; over a span of three decades we made many more visits to Weston Beach, always arriving in the early morning. I can still hear Brett near the end of a morning session bellowing up the beach, "hey Merg, let's take a break and have some sardines and a beer." And so we did, and ended another glorious day of image making at Point Lobos.

This tribute lacks any of Brett's own work, some of it published and exhibited, from our visits to Weston Beach. However, there has always been a little of Brett in my photographs; his early encouragement, and unflagging support were instrumental in my pursuit of a life in photography. I often feel his presence when I am out photographing, and recall his wonderful lessons of loyalty, generosity, dedication and vision.

So, in the centennial year of Brett's birth, this small portfolio is a tribute to my good friend and mentor.

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