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In recent decades, many military bases across this country have been decommissioned. Several million acres are now in various stages of planning and redevelopment.

The photographs in this small portfolio were made on five such bases located in northern California. The spit and polish I recall as a young Army recruit at Ford Ord, has given way to years of decay and neglect. Other nearby bases are in a similar condition, providing fertile ground for my pursuit of abstract imagery.

The first photograph in this continuing series was made in 1967; the majority have been made over the past decade. There is a serenity to these places that belies their former activity. Missing are the thousands of workers, soldiers, sailors and pilots, whose lives or careers were affected by their experiences on the base. Perhaps missing, but not necessarily gone; some return for a look at what was once central to their lives.

Sometimes, on a foggy early morning, as I set up my camera to capture remnants of the past, an old warrior will stop by and engage me in conversation. I learn about the way it was, and am grateful for the knowledge. And then, I return to the rusty metal, abandoned buildings, and peeling paint with a deeper respect for what has passed.

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